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Professional DJ/Presenter for over 25 years, started out in my hometown of Manchester and soon started being booked on the national then international circuit.
I have worked all over the world on the club circuit and various celebrity and high profile events,. including various TV and Movie after parties and private celebrity events.
I have also worked in some of the most prestigious clubs around the globe from Hacienda in my home town of Manchester to Breeze in Europe, Kings beach in Barbados and Jamaica just to name a few.
My Radio career started in Hospital Radio and rapidly moved into Pirate Radio then onto the legal Radio and present shows world wide and currently broadcast shows out of The Gambia Africa,. The UK and California USA. via and
I have also worked with a Many artists as a producer and remixer and am currently working on some new tracks and remixes... so stay tuned for more details and release dates.
Simply put I'm a professional award winning DJ and Radio host and currently host a syndicated World Wide Radio show to over 5 million listeners each weekday..

Contact Details

Telephone: 07495 248898